The Third International Stock Enhancement & Searanching


Welcome to the Third International Symposium on Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching website. The Symposium took place in Seattle, September 18-21, 2006, and was a great success. Background on this symposium series and info on the previous symposia can be accessed here. Keynote talks from the third symposium can be downloaded here.

The Fourth International Symposium on Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching! April 21st - April 25th, 2011, Shanghai Ocean Fisheries University, Shanghai, China, held in conjunction with the 9th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum.

The website for the 5th ISSESR is now available; click here for information about the fifth symposium in this series.


The Third International Symposium on Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching -- At a Glance

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Many of the world's marine fisheries no longer yield the benefits they once did, due to over fishing and degradation of the supporting ecosystems. Governments are responding to the fisheries crisis by reducing fishing efforts and protecting fisheries habitats. However, fisheries managers are also asking whether the advances in aquaculture, that now enable juveniles of many species to be produced en masse, can be applied to speed up recovery of some stocks, or increase the production of others.

The First and Second International Symposiums on Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching in Norway in 1997 and Japan in 2002 were instrumental in highlighting the technology and approaches needed to release hatchery-reared juveniles in a responsible way. Our emerging field of science continues to face challenges in these areas. But other imperatives are arising too. We need decision tools to identify when to add hatchery releases to other forms of management to rebuild spawning biomass and overcome recruitment limitation; otherwise investments in cultured juveniles may be wasted. We also need to integrate biological research with the socio-economic needs of stakeholders to ensure that release programs succeed where they are deemed necessary.

The Third International Symposium addressed these issues. It also provided the opportunity to refine the technologies needed to achieve responsible practice, and identify how our discipline is contributing to a better understanding of the biological processes that underpin fisheries. The peer-reviewed Proceedings, A New Era for Restocking, Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching of Coastal Fisheries Resources (44 articles), were published in 2008 in Volume 16 (1-3) of Reviews in Fisheries Science.

We invite you to join us also in Shanghai, at the Fourth International Symposium on Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching, to help take this promising field of fisheries science to the next level.