The Third International Stock Enhancement & Searanching

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Day 1: Monday, September 18, 2006

Keynote Address
Understanding and managing fisheries enhancement systems
Kai Lorenzen

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Theme 1 ~ Restocking and stock enhancement systems and their role
in fisheries management
Chairs: Ken Leber & Josianne Støttrup

Scallop stock enhancement in New Zealand: lessons from applying an integrated approach  
Mike Arbuckle
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Enhancing the recovery of depleted Tripneustes gratilla stocks through
sea ranching and restocking
Marie Antonette Juinio-Meñez, H. Bangi, D. Pastor
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30 years of sea ranching manila clams Tapes philipinarium: successful techniques and lessons learned        
Peter Becker, C. Barringer
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Marine stock enhancement in Florida: a multidisciplinary, stakeholder-supported, accountability-based approach           
Michael Tringali, K. Leber, W. Halstead, R. McMichael, J. O’Hop, B.Winner, R. Cody,
C. Young, C. Neidig, H. Wolfe, A. Forstchen, L. Barbieri
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Mudcrabs and mangroves; an example of integrated approaches to stock enhancement        
Lewis Le Vay, M. Walton, J. Lebata, J. Primavera, E. Quinitio, F. Parado-Estepa,
E. Rodriguez, V. Noc Ut, T. Nghia, P. Sorgeloos, M. Wille
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Restocking the eastern Baltic cod: insight or distant?
Josianne Støttrup, J. Overton, H. Paulsen, J. Tomkiewicz, C. Møllmann, P. Pedersen,
P. Lauesen
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Improving yield and market traits of southern rock lobsters through translocation
Arani Chandrapavan, C. Gardner
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Theme 2 ~ When can hatchery releases add value to other forms of management? Chairs: Kai Lorenzen & Caleb Gardner


Metapopulation source-sink dynamics and stock enhancement of marine species
Rom Lipcius, S. Schreiber, H. Wang, J. Shen, M. Sisson
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Uses and limitations of contemporary genetic analyses in delineating biological populations for stock enhancement    
Michael Tringali
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Complete optimization: integrating management with hatchery releases
Robert Aguilar, A. Hines, M. Kramer, M. Goodison
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Have reseedings contributed to the stock enhancement of abalone in Japan?
Tomohiko Kawamura, T. Horii, H. Takami
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Variable long-term performance of released sandfish 
Steven Purcell, M. Simutoga
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Simultaneous estimation of mixing proportions of released populations and genetic drift based on individual genotypes           
Toshihide Kitakado, S. Kitada, H. Kishino
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Manipulations of stocking magnitude: addressing density-dependence in juvenile
populations of a marine carnivore   
Nathan Brennan, K. Leber, C. Walters
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Fisheries management in troubled waters: the need for scientifically informed
decision making

Willis McConnaha, L. Mobrand, J. Waldo
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Day 2: Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Theme 3 ~ Institutional and socio-economic issues
Chairs: John Ward & Ann-Lisbeth Agnalt

Mini-keynote 1
On the economics of ocean ranching and stock enhancement         
Ragnar Arnason
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Mini-keynote 2
Legal framework of sea ranching: The Norwegian experience and management strategy   
Britt Leikvoll
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Property rights in fish in sea ranching and enhancement – real or de facto    
Bernard Walrut
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Stock enhancement and fisheries management of the Japanese flounder in
Fukushima, Japan 
Takeshi Tomiyama, M. Watanabe, T. Fujita
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Geoduck enhancement in British Columbia: a case study of incentives for enhancement     
Michelle James
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The economic feasibility of increasing rock lobster yield by translocation in
Tasmania, Australia
Caleb Gardner
, I. van Putten
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Stocking and aquatic ranching in South America: lessons from stocking non-indigenous
species for fisheries    
Theresa Bert, H. Ortega, H. López-Rojas, A. Bonilla-Rivero, C. Alves, P. Vigliano,
M. Alonso, M. Pascual, J. Ciancio
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An economic analysis of stock enhancement of Persian sturgeon in Iran       
Hassan Salehi
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Theme 4 ~ Release strategies
Chairs: Dave Eggleston & Reiji Masuda

Release strategies for estuarine species with complex migratory life cycles:
stock enhancement of Chesapeake blue crabs   
Anson Hines, E. Johnson, A.Young-Williams, R. Aguilar, M. Kramer, M. Goodison, O. Zmora, Y. Zohar
Abstract Text

Optimizing enhancement strategies: predicting growth and survival of hatchery-reared blue crabs under varying release scenarios         
Eric Johnson, A. Hines, M. Kramer, A. Young-Williams
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Optimal release site, season and size of spotted halibut determined by cage experiments and landing
Toshihiro Wada, T. Yamada, M. Aritaki, H. Sudo, Y. Yamashita, M. Tanaka
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Evaluating the effect of size at release on recapture rates of Japanese spanish mackerel in the eastern Seto Inland Sea, Japan  
Yasuhiro Obata, H. Yamazaki, A. Iwamoto, S. Kitada
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Optimal location for cultured and released juveniles of ocellate puffer Takifugu rubripes identified by tag and release experiments using fluorescent elastomer        
Hiroshi Nakajima, M. Kai, K. Koizumi, T. Tanaka, M. Machida
Abstract Text

Differences in predation between wild and hatchery-reared juveniles of tiger
puffer in a salt pond mesocosm    
Daisuke Shimizu, K. Sakiyama, Y. Sakakura, T. Takatani, Y. Takahashi
Abstract Text

Post-release mortality due to predation: a case study of winter flounder
and green crabs

Elizabeth Fairchild, N. Rennels, W. Huntting
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Behavioral patterns of hatchery-produced abalone Haliotis asinina for stock enhancement: predator avoidance and search for food and shelter   
Shelah Mae A. Buen-Ursua, W. Gallardo, A. del Norte-Campos
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Application of the larval phase in marine invertebrate population restoration           
William Arnold, J. Leverone, S.Geiger, J. Greenawalt
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A generalized predator-impact model to optimize stocking of estuarine finfish
Matthew Taylor, I. Suthers
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Day 3: Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Keynote Address
The Chesapeake Bay blue crab (Callinectes sapidus): a multidisciplinary approach to responsible stock enhancement
Yonathan Zohar
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Theme 5 ~ Interactions between wild and released stocks
Chairs: Devin Bartley & Mike Tringali

Genetic effects of hatchery releases on marine finfish populations: case studies from Japan
Shuichi Kitada
Abstract Text

Loss of family variation in Japanese flounder during seed production and
shortly after release

O. Tominaga, J. Hasegawa, T. Tsusaki, S. Shiozawa, T. Seikai, Y. Tanaka, T. Fujii
Abstract Text

Genetic risk of stocking on fishes having environmentally influenced sex-determination      
Minoru Kanaiwa, Y. Harada
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Experimental study on broodstock management of barfin flounder under the concept of minimum kinship selection           
Shigenori Suzuki, S. Sekiya, T. Sugaya, M. Del Mar Ortega-Villaizan Romo, T. Matsubara, N. Taniguchi
Abstract Text

Genetic diversity, migration, and reproduction of released hatchery-reared Japanese
flounder Paralicthys olivaceus   
Tetsuo Fujii, T. Ito,  M. Nishida
Abstract Text

Genetic considerations during the experimental and expanded phases of blue crab stock enhancement in Chesapeake Bay     
Allen Place, X. Feng,  J. Hill
Abstract Text

Monitoring of the stock enhancement program for black sea bream (Acanthopagrus schlegeli) in Hiroshima Bay, Japan      
Enrique Blanco Gonzalez, D. Jeong, T. Umino, K. Nagasawa
Abstract Text

Ecological impact of sea-ranching lobster: current research and future perspectives 
Ann-L. Agnalt, K. Jørstad, E. Farestveit
Abstract Text

Testing differences between wild and hatchery-reared blue crabs: minimizing potential negative interactions at release           
Alicia Young, J. Davis, E. Johnson, A. Hines
Abstract Text

The concept of carrying capacity in red drum stock enhancement     
Michael Denson, W. Jenkins, T. Smith
Abstract Text

The optimum stocking density in relation to carrying capacity of nursery grounds
for Japanese flounder

Yoh Yamashita, Y. Kurita, Y. Tanaka, J. Miller, M. Tanaka
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Theme 6 ~ Biological insights from hatchery releases
Chairs: Neil Loneragan & Shuichi Kitada

Overview of queen conch (Strombus gigas) restoration          
Megan Davis, G. Delgado, R. Glazer
Abstract Text

Stock enhancement and ecosystem carrying capacity in blue crab nursery
habitats of Chesapeake Bay 
Rochelle Seitz, R. Lipcius, K. Knick, M. Seebo, W. Chris Long
Abstract Text

The CARE experience: post-larval collection and rearing for restocking of
Marine Protected Areas 

Sven-Michel Lourié
, G. Lecaillon
Abstract Text

Spatial scales of movement of released hatchery-reared and wild Atlantic cod   
Torstein Pedersen, E. Cuveliers, E. Berg
Abstract Text

Dispersal, habitat associations, survival, and residence time of hatchery-reared and wild juvenile red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus, in the Alafia River, Tampa Bay, Florida     
Carole Neidig, D. Roberts, C. Armstrong
Abstract Text

Stocking the Blackwood River Estuary, Western Australia, with the black bream
Acanthopagrus butcheri

Greg Jenkins, D. French, I. Potter, S. de Lestang, N. Hall, G. Partidge, A. Hesp, G. Sarre
Abstract Text

Natal homing of herring released in Miyako Bay        
Hiroyuki Okouchi, M. Nakagawa
Abstract Text

Optimizing fish size and applying a conditioning trial in a Danish flatfish
stocking program   
Claus Reedtz Sparrevohn
, J. Støttrup
Abstract Text

Movements of cultured white seabass, Atractoscion nobilis, released throughout the
southern California Bight   
Michael Shane, M. Drawbridge, D. Kent
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Day 4: Thursday, September 21, 2006

Theme 7 ~ Arenas of progress
Chairs: Lee Blankenship & Barry Berejikian

Restocking, stock enhancement and sea ranching: arenas of progress 
Devin Bartley, J. Bell
Abstract Text

Stock enhancement and sea ranching- practices at Zhangzidao Island in the
northern Yellow Sea, China  
Qingyin Wang, H. Wu, J. Fang, S. Wang
Abstract Text

Stock enhancement and sea ranching activities in the East China Sea

Huaqing Lu, J. Xu
Abstract Text

Enhancement of paua (abalone) stocks in New Zealand       
Jeremy Cooper (to be presented by Elizabeth Keys)
Abstract Text

Current situation and the future of stock enhancement of yellowtail,
Seriola quinqueradiata
, in Japan
Keiichi Mushiake, H.Yamasaki, H. Fujimoto
Abstract Text

Stock enhancement program for threatened species in Southeast Asia          
K. Okuzawa, Ronald Maliao, S. Buen-Ursua, J. Primavera
Abstract Text

Current trends in hatchery techniques and stock enhancement for Chinese mitten crab,
Eriocheir sinensis  

Yongxu Cheng, X. Wu, X. Yang, A. Hines
Abstract Text

Mark-release-recapture experiments of kuruma prawn by using microsatellites and
mitochondrial DNA markers 
Takuma Sugaya, S. Nakano, M. Oka, K. Mushiake
Abstract Text

Use of deep seawater for Japanese scampi lobster Metanephrops
Kazutoshi Okamoto
Abstract Text

Using forced upwelling for nutrient enrichment to increase ocean ecosystem
carrying capacity
Philip Kithil
Abstract Text

Enhancing the production of the open ocean ranch
Ian Jones
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